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Precision Reporting

View unique reporting based
on your business groups

Cost Optimization

Review overall Azure spend and
operational savings opportunities

Governance Insight

Stay ahead of cloud security threats with
reports on controls and security across
your Azure environment

Resource Utilization

Understand your organization’s needs
to optimize across cost, usage, and

Customized Cost Reporting

View tailored reporting based on your
organizational cost structure

Reserved Instance Purchases

Identify opportunities for reserved
instance management

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“That was one of the biggest draws with 10th
Magnitude—that they only do Azure. Many service providers do it all, but they don’t excel in any one platform. 10th Magnitude focuses on one solution (Azure) and they do it extremely well.”
—Chuck Martin
Director of Global Cloud Solutions, Elekta

As a Microsoft certified Azure Expert Managed Service Provider, 10th Magnitude brings our vast experience as an extension of your team to allow you more time, greater flexibility, and continuous innovation around your cloud initiatives. We will work with your teams as expert guides, providing planning, support, and data-driven recommendations. No overblown on-site installation. No huge (and unpredictable) price tag.

Azure Health Check Details

A remote health check is your first step to a secure and well managed cloud. Your Health Check report will provide you with a customized view into cost and security reporting, provide infrastructure optimization recommendations, and leverage our policy engine to audit your subscriptions for security



Discuss your environment and goals. Review your data sources and current monitoring practices. Get connected to your Azure subscriptions with read-access.

Interactive 1-Hour Remote Meeting
Health Monitoring

Health Monitor

Conduct a health watch and Azure consumption monitoring over 6-8 business days. Uncover trends, outlying behaviors, and overall performance.

6-8 Days of Proactive Monitoring
Health Check Review

Health Check Review

Review reports, findings, and recommendations for optimizations and best practices. Our team will work with you on best next steps and help turn insights into action.

Insightful 2-Hour Remote Meeting

Don’t Put Off Checking Your Cloud Health

Your cloud usage may be hurting both your bottom line and your team morale. An Azure Health Check can find ways to make your cloud more secure, cost-efficient, and easier to use. Don’t let your cloud health suffer any longer.

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