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Elekta’s move to a cloud-centric solution

Learn how 10th Magnitude helped Elekta use automation plus Azure to deliver products in real time and dramatically improve customer experience.

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Elekta’s move to a cloud-centric solution was driven by the need to reduce their data center footprint, speed innovation within the company, and deliver and demonstrate business value to customers faster. Step one was making a commitment to Microsoft Azure as their Cloud platform of choice.

To accelerate Azure adoption, Elekta partnered with 10th Magnitude to deliver an automated virtual datacenter buildout, deployment pipelines, and a cloud governance model, all designed to meet their industry compliance needs.


After reviewing their tooling, processes, and goals we built a roadmap for their Cloud Journey. The design specification was then used to build an MVP for demo and continuous improvement activities. The demo provided a “real world” solution that showcased Elekta products through the major components of a 10th Magnitude virtual data center.


10th Magnitude – Elekta case study


Automation plus Azure to deliver products in real time and dramatically improve customer experience.

10th Magnitude helped design and implement a secure, scalable, virtual data center, to keep pace with the demands of Elekta’s business. And our managed services portal offered Elekta a robust demo environment for customers, dynamically showcasing its products in real time.

The ROI of the built-out automation has been second to none, resulting in a solution that saved both time and money. Processes that once took Elekta months now take only a few hours.

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"With 10th Magnitude’s self-service platform, our teams are able to deliver Elekta’s products in real time – ultimately enabling our team to showcase value faster and improve our customer’s overall experience."
Chuck Martin

Director of Global Cloud Solutions, Elekta

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